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Integration for Project Management & System Development Life Cycle is critical to implementation for project with Information Technology components.  In today's electronic world, it's rare that a project does not have some IT component.  The Diagram below depicts PME2E's approach to managing the SDLC activities and integration by the Project/Program Manager.




The 4 basic phases of a project are depicted below and are the defined by PMBOK as best-in-class that follow any industry segment for project management

 and execution.   These are over-arching into SDLC and is depicted above to show the integration.


Initiating Processes
Develop Project Charter Establish the Terms of Reference
Develop Preliminary Project Scope Statement Establish the Terms of Reference
Planning Processes
Develop Project Management Plan Create a Project Plan
Scope Planning Create a Project Plan
Scope Definition Create a Project Plan
Create WBS Create a Project Plan
Activity Definition Create a Project Plan
Activity Sequencing Create a Project Plan
Activity Resource Estimating Create a Resource Plan
Activity Duration Estimating Create a Project Plan
Schedule Development Create a Project Plan
Cost Estimating Create a Financial Plan
Cost Budgeting Create a Financial Plan
Quality Planning Create a Quality Plan
Human Resource Planning Create a Resource Plan
Communications Planning Create a Communications Plan
Risk Management Planning Create a Risk Plan
Risk Identification Create a Risk Plan
Qualitative Risk Analysis Create a Risk Plan
Quantitative Risk Analysis Create a Risk Plan
Risk Response Planning Create a Risk Plan
Plan Purchases and Acquisitions Create a Procurement Plan
Plan Contracting Create a Procurement Plan
Executing, Monitoring and Controlling Processes
Direct and Manage Project Execution Build Deliverables
Perform Quality Assurance Perform Quality Management
Acquire Project Team Appoint the Project Team
Develop Project Team Appoint the Project Team
Information Distribution Perform Communications Management
Request Seller Responses Contract the Suppliers
Select Sellers Contract the Suppliers
Monitor and Control Project Work Monitor and Control
Integrated Change Control Perform Change Management
Scope Verification Perform Change Management
Scope Control Perform Change Management
Schedule Control Perform Change Management
Cost Control Perform Cost Management
Perform Quality Control Perform Quality Management
Manage Project Team Perform Time Management
Performance Reporting Perform Communications Management
Manage Stakeholders Perform Communications Management
Risk Monitoring and Control Perform Risk Management
Contract Administration Perform Procurement Management
Closing Processes
Close Project Perform Project Closure
Contract Closure Perform Project Closure


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